The biggest amount of useful minerals

The natural mineral water Vytautas contains the biggest amount of mineral substances that are useful to the body of all the natural mineral waters in the Baltic States. It is an ecologically clean product of a constant chemical composition balanced by nature itself; if you drink it regularly, you will receive a sufficient amount of necessary mineral substances – calcium, magnesium, potassium, and others.

The total concentration of dissolved substances is 7309 mg/l.

The natural mineral water Vytautas replenishes the daily ration with naturally dissolved mineral substances, and, therefore, are absorbed by a human body very well. They help to reduce stress, gain strength and improve the general health.

Calcium regulates heart activity, participates in the formation of bones and teeth, and performs an important role in muscle stimulation.

Magnesium has an impact on the majority of metabolism functions; it also participates in stirring muscle and nerve fibres.

Potassium maintains the balance of acids and alkalis in the body, while sodium regulates water balance in the body.

Chloride contributes to the regulation of water balance in the body and stimulates digestion.

the origin of the natural mineral water Vytautas is in the biggest and state protected regional park in Lithuania? No industrial activity is performed in the area of 25 000 hectares where the spring-well of Vytautas is located.

Water with a lasting history

Natural mineral water Vytautas is the first and oldest Lithuanian mineral water bottled by company Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys since 1924.

Birštonas town has been famous for healthy mineral water since 1382, when the name of Birštonas was first mentioned. Intelligence officers of the Teutonic Order reported to the grand master that they had discovered a "homestead by salty water" on the bank of the river Nemunas.

Historical sources testify that this location was known for the mineral water, and it's impact on health, much earlier than the Birštonas resort was established.

Do you know that the name of Vytautas was created and offered to the Birštonas mineral water company by a prominent Lithuanian writer Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas?

Proved therapeutic value

Thorough research of the impact of Vytautas on bodily functions was started in the sixth decade of the last century, and it is to this day the only Lithuanian mineral water that has been under such an explicit scientific research.

Various scientists studied the therapeutic value of Vytautas and the efficiency of it's use in non-resort conditions. They proved that natural mineral water Vytautas can be used for prevention and treatment of diseases successfully.

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